Fischer’s Nanoindentation History

Pioneer in Instrumented Indentation Technology (Fischer’s Nanoindentation History)

FISCHER is one of the pioneers in the field of instrumented indentation and throughout nanoindentation history. Fischer’s micro and nanoindentation testers were initially produced with the goal of advancing existing microhardness measurement technology. We recognized at an early stage the tremendous potential of the instrumented indentation test method for determining micro and nano scale mechanical properties. We have been improving on these instrumented indentation testers for over 25 years. Many of the first generation instrumented indentation instruments from the 1980s are still in use today.

nanoindentation history


Delivery of the first microhardness instrument FISCHERSCOPE® H100


Beginning of efforts to standardize the hardness measurement under load. First publication by W. Weiler and Helmut Fischer on the topic of “Microhardness measurements at the push of a button”


DIN-Norm 50359-1 bis-3 with decisive cooperation from FISCHER.
FISCHERSCOPE® H100 C: New Design, improved distance measurement, higher load resolution, integration of a XY-control, new software


International Standard
DIN EN ISO 14577. Participation in Standards Committee: FISCHER


FISCHERSCOPE® HM2000 and PICODENTOR® HM500: Larger load range (HM2000) and increased vibration stability for industrial applications


New instrument generation with a compact and dimensionally stable design, high-precision, programmable X-Y stage, motor driven Z-axis and improved optics

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